Refinance Your Mortgage in Colorado

See how much you can save by refinancing your home loan through us. We provide quick rate quotes and prequalifications by phone or through email. Our Colorado refinance loan programs offer excellent loan terms and exceptional customer service. Our clients love our mortgage refinance programs due to the competitive pricing, fast processing, and low rates. With our mortgage refinances you may be able to:

  • Lower Your Payment
    Interest rates are still low allowing homeowners in Colorado ample opportunity to refinance and reduce their monthly payment.
  • Cash Out Refinance
    Use your home equity to pay off debt, buy another home, or any personal reason that you want to take cash out for.
  • Consolidate Your Debt
    You can refinance your personal debts such as credit cards, auto loans, and personal debts into your new home loan. Or, take the cash out to pay the debts off separately.
  • Fix Your Payment
    You can use refinancing as an opportunity to switch from an ARM to fixed rate mortgage and fix your payment.
  • Eliminate Mortgage Insurance
    Refinancing and eliminating your mortgage insurance is a great way to reduce your mortgage payment. You can refinance to remove PMI on conventional and VA loans, or eliminate MIP on a FHA loan.
  • Pay Mortgage Off Sooner
    Changing your loan from a 30 year to 15 year mortgage will allow you to pay off your mortgage much faster and avoid paying a lot of interest.

Colorado Refinance Program Options

Our wide range of refinance loan programs can meet whatever your needs are. The most popular refinance loans are conventional cash out refinancing, conventional rate/term refinancing, FHA cash out refinancing, FHA streamline refinancing, VA cash out refinancing, VA streamline refinancing, and the USDA streamline refinance. Below is an overview of these types of refinance programs:

    • Conventional Rate/Term Refinance
      If you wish to lower your payment, but do not need to take cash out, a rate and term conventional refinance loan may be the best refinance loan for you.
    • Conventional Cash Out Refinance
      The conventional cash out refinance loan program is for many people the best option for cash out refinancing. Conventional loans under 80% LTV do not require PMI to be paid.
    • FHA Streamline Refinance
      What could easily be the easiest refinance loan to qualify for and process, the FHA streamline refinance allows you to quickly reduce your interest rate and monthly payment. No appraisal, credit check, or income documentation is required./div>
    • FHA Cash Out Refinance
      Need to tap into more of your home equity? FHA loans allow higher loan-to-value ratios than conventional loans. They are also easier to qualify for, so an FHA cash out refinance loan may be the perfect option for your household.
    • VA Cash Out Refinance
      Veterans are the only people that have the opportunity to take out 100% of their equity. The VA cash out refinance is the only cash out loan that allows up to a 100% LTV. This loan is restricted to only veterans and their spouses though.
    • VA IRRRL Program
      The VA IRRRL program is the streamline refinance loan for veterans. It also requires very little documentation, including no credit check, appraisal, or proof of income required. It allows those who already have a VA loan to efficiently lower their interest rate and payment.
    • USDA Streamline Refinance
      If you already have a USDA loan (rural housing loan) you may be able to streamline your refinance to reduce your monthly payments. Similar to the FHA and VA streamline programs, very little documentation is required, and the loan fees are low.

On your new loan, you may select a fixed rate mortgage or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). Most borrowers choose either a 30 year or 15 year fixed mortgage, or the popular 5/1 ARM loan. We can show you the different amortization schedules that are available to you, what your payment will be on each, and other pertinent information. To request a free consultation submit the form on this page or call us and speak with a loan representative.

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